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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer work

These are photos of new work I made after returning from my Lake Tahoe workshop with Randy Brodnax and Don Ellis....two great potters who entertained as well as educated us, sharing their love of pottery, foods, and fun. Some of these pieces didn't make it through the process...due to my choice of clay....I just couldn't wait for the right stuff when I returned. So, some are just photos...and some live on....and I've learned a lot through the process.
Now I will just need to find the time since school begins in just one week!
I am inspired and motivated and have plenty of clay to make things happen. So....these are some of the pieces.

This one didn't make it.....glad I took a photo of it as it was drying.

This elephant has found a good home. Love the new owners, what a great couple!

And this frog just didn't make it....wrong clay...couldn't take the heat!
The lizard bit the dust but the pot survived..so now it looks like a dark planet!
This octopus was made out of a dark clay and I used a white slip to add to the texture. Because I had figured out that the clay couldn't take the heat...I fired it in an electric kiln. I like how it looks raw better than the glaze on it. So...I'm posting this photo.

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  1. Hi, beautiful work... what type of clay failed and what substitute did you use that worked?

    Thanks, Shelley