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Ellen Silberlicht
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Scholastic Arts 2013

Every year my students amaze me. In only a short period each day, they can focus and create some really great pieces using their skills, concentration, and imagination. With such eager and willing fingers, they celebrate Art every day!  

 This coil pot was done by Stephanie Drongoski.

ARTichoke by Hunter Simon
 Kristina Turturiello's Screech Owl
 Kristina Turturiello pays homage to Athena
 Lisa Benedetto's Paradise Island mug
 Lisa Benedetto's Fantasy bowl
 Cheyanne Bryant...Beginnings of Life
 Emily Bunnell's Hopping Around
 Joe Card created Shark Bite mug
 Swag Ryton done by Josh Card
 Scorpion Totem Jar by Josh Card
 Pineapple jar by Josh Card.....Finally Home....(spongebob's home)
 Elana Carroll's whistle
 Drako, the dragon mug by Elana Carroll
 Eric Chapka....mixing science and art on an inverted bowl
 Carley Doney's Sunrise Bowl

Carley Doney's Garden Mug
 Stephanie Drongoski's Chirpy whistle
 Stacy Drongoski's Floral Bowl
 Sara Evanitsky's starfish inspired container
 Kelsy Frisk created an orange blossom coil pot tree
 Sam Garafalo's Nature's Nest Bowl
 Sam Garafalo's Fern inspired bowl
 Nicole Haliscak's nature mug
 Carson Klikus's sawdust fired cactus
 Sierra Lord's Peacock vessel
 Mary Martin's polar bear bowl
 Mikaela Mayers created this elephant. It is 25" tall....quite the skill!
 Emily McNichols Squiddley
 Emily McNichols Toucan on a branch
 Zebra Mug by Alexa Meyer
 Alexa Meyer's coil pot
 Olivia Olver...Blue Shoe
 Olivia Olver Pear Jar
 Olivia Olver Elephant Rhyton
 Kelsey Peck Quilted Vessel
 Noah Pietraszewski created  Ancient Sloth
 Libby Rickard's Salad Heaven
 Sebastian Echeverria-botero's blowfish whistle
 Emma Spittel, Homage to her grandmother....Be Bold
 This is a very unique piece by Emma Spittel. The eyeballs are salt and pepper shakers. The mouth can hold napkins and the head has an insert that will hold flowers.
 Also by Emma Spittel, the emergence of a butterfly.
 Kristina Turturiello, Bee Bottle
 Kristen Valentine, Nautical bowl
 Sephora VanOrden.....Going Down
 Allison Weidner, Don't You Think You Had Enough?
 Hear Beat by Allison Weidner
 Bears Love Honey Too by Allison Weidner
 The Strike, by Allison Weidner
Ally Welsh's Coil Pot she appropriately names Coiled Frustration

Ally Welsh's spiked bowl...!!