Ellen Silberlicht

Ellen Silberlicht
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos of Most Recent Work

Bass #2
Electric fired, cone 5 glazed on a dark claybody.
 Catfish #1
 Bass #1

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gotta work when you can!!!!!!

Without any snow days, I was beginning to think it would be hard to get any work done this winter.....but I've had some good solid weekends to work! This bass and catfish are from my last batch of pots. Only two pieces fit in my kiln at a time...so it's a process for the firing. I took photos of them today when I was photographing my new pieces below.
 The camel's head moves around the pot....but I think the nose is so fun!
The finished catfish pictured as finished, above is swimming on the pot....while this catfish is the pot!

And the lion......These pieces will be electric fired..so the lion's snout will not be glazed but will be rubbed with iron oxide and then scrubbed to give it a deep brown interesting finish.