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Ellen Silberlicht
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Older work which lead me to where I am working today.

The process is all very interesting. What I do in the past builds into my current works. So, I thought I would share with you my most recent past, related work so you can see the growth and development of it all.
After traveling to South Africa and going on a photo safari, these pieces suggesting an animal in a primitive form developed very easily. I used wax resist for the jar's decoration. These are raku fired.

Some raku glazes are more like fuming if you put them on lightly. I really like the matte surface and how it changed colors. Reminds me of a dancing flame.

                                                                  Raku Giraffe Jar

                               They say when an elephant's trunk is up it will give you good luck!

The ostrich's head is poking out on the inside of the lid. Makes me laugh. This piece was chosen for a show at Marywood this fall...I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a bit more.......

This is how the pot turned out after the lizard abandoned ship!

This photo was taken when each pot was full of promise!

from Lake Tahoe

Elephants are my husband's favorite animal....so I make them with him in mind.
This one was made in Lake Tahoe.

And this octopus piece lives on in photos only.  I pulled it from the kiln and sprayed it as it cooled, and then set it aside to work on the other pieces. At the end of the day I went to pick it up and it had shattered into several pieces. I liked it so much I brought it home to piece together for inspiration...and I was able to mend all the seams in photoshop to make it look whole! Oh, the wonders of technology....now you can't believe anything you see anymore!

Now I have my work cut out for me.....wish me luck!

Summer work

These are photos of new work I made after returning from my Lake Tahoe workshop with Randy Brodnax and Don Ellis....two great potters who entertained as well as educated us, sharing their love of pottery, foods, and fun. Some of these pieces didn't make it through the process...due to my choice of clay....I just couldn't wait for the right stuff when I returned. So, some are just photos...and some live on....and I've learned a lot through the process.
Now I will just need to find the time since school begins in just one week!
I am inspired and motivated and have plenty of clay to make things happen. So....these are some of the pieces.

This one didn't make it.....glad I took a photo of it as it was drying.

This elephant has found a good home. Love the new owners, what a great couple!

And this frog just didn't make it....wrong clay...couldn't take the heat!
The lizard bit the dust but the pot survived..so now it looks like a dark planet!
This octopus was made out of a dark clay and I used a white slip to add to the texture. Because I had figured out that the clay couldn't take the heat...I fired it in an electric kiln. I like how it looks raw better than the glaze on it. So...I'm posting this photo.

New summer work

Since returning from my Lake Tahoe workshop at the end of June....I have been inspired and feel as though I have entered the next stage of my work. Some of these have made it through the process....and some have not, due to using some clay without grog. Not all things make it in pottery...and especially in the fast firing process....which makes it all more exciting! Discovering the hidden secrets of the process help each piece make it to the end...in one piece.

I have plenty to work on now....in my free time!
School begins on Monday, August 23rd for the teachers...so I will have to squeeze out precious time to make new work...but now I AM DRIVEN!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Whale tails.....

Or mermaids....It depends on what you believe in. This piece was raku fired without glaze and put in a metal can to smolder with newspaper. There is great texture and yellow and orange slip on the piece's surface with the black carbon filling the cracks.

From the deep sea

This octopus pot is my crossover piece.....taking me to the next level with my fast fired pots.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Open Studio Tour

The Open Studio Tour is this weekend....I've cleaned, mopped, dusted, and re-arranged. Pots, paintings and jewelry are inside and out, changing my point of view, which is always a good thing! I love seeing the pieces of jewelry I make on the people, each one finds a good home and looks great on each new owner!
   Every year I meet new people and welcome back the ones I've met before. It's a wonderful weekend of reuniting and sharing!