Ellen Silberlicht

Ellen Silberlicht
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

These are the last pieces of 2012....the kiln is wrapped and put away for the winter. I've created a stone patio for firing with a sand pit on the side. This will be finished next spring and I will be firing those pieces I will be making over Christmas break this year.
I've applied to have a show in 2013 with the Delaware Arts Alliance in Narrowsburg, New York...so we shall see what 2013 will bring.

Laughing keeps you healthy!

This made me laugh....as I make each one, I just smile and think, for the person who has everything......they don't have a turkey whistle! 
This is ready to go into the oven and get basted!
I think they are very funny!

Creatures from the Sock Drawer!

Crazy....yes, I have been consumed lately to create these sock creatures.....and one thing always leads to another. Cutting socks to make parts for one, leaves parts left over for another....and so it goes.
I've been crazed! Oh well, as long as they make me laugh!

This is a family portrait....could be your family....no?
The smallest ones are pins, the second row are from junior socks....and the others from women's socks.
Quite the family, I'd say!