Ellen Silberlicht

Ellen Silberlicht
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Monday, August 15, 2011

August firing

                                         I created these early in the summer.....experimenting
                                        with some different clays...and decided I like my raku
                                        clay best for what I like to do most!
                                       The glazes in these pieces turned out really dramatic!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last of summer!

                                               In a flurry of activity.....I tried out a new idea.

 One thing leads to another...I guess, but this is all for a while, have to get ready for the new school year. These have to dry for some time before bisquing, so I think the next raku session will be in late September or early October.
Can't wait to see the results!
another octopus.....with three mice....don't know if they are the blind ones!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summertime in the Studio

What do other people do with their free time in the summer? I can't imagine doing much else when you have a good chunk of time and a great studio to work in.....there can't be much of anything better than this!

These two lizards are creating great tension between them and will look great on the intense red and black pot when it gets fired.

                     Just playing around with this abstracted rhino. Sometimes, you just have to do it!
                   So, when you look at this pot......do you see the octopus climbing in or out?
 This was the last of the pieces for this time frame.....the frog may be a little large making it kinda cute....but I think I have to try some pots with interesting "collars", without animals.
                                 As if this octopus found something to explore....under the sea....
                                           not knowing someone else was doing the same!
                          When you say good-bye to one elephant.....you have to make another!
                                                                  And one more!
                                    I can't wait to see this one done....he really has an attitude!