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Ellen Silberlicht
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The summer of 2012

It has been months since I posted. The summer was not spent in my studio, but at Potterville, our escape from the world. It is only 10 minutes from home but there is no phone service or internet available...and so, it is a peaceful place to relax. It wasn't until just a few days before school began, that I returned to my studio to work. Now there are many projects going on and teaching at the same time. This is the first and last pieces from the summer of 2012. Looking forward to Christmas break to make many more. The firing was pretty successful and has inspired me to push onward!

  This piece was heated, pulled and then sprayed with Ferric. The different temperatures give the variation of colors.
 Three views of this fish vessel....the copper reduced and the body of the pot was glazed and then scrubbed to clean the surface, leaving the cracks full of the glaze.

 This piece was glazed, pulled when it reached temperature and then sprayed with ferric.
 This was glazed on the fish parts that wound around the pot.
 The toad and the grasshopper.....and age old story.