Ellen Silberlicht

Ellen Silberlicht
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The last firing of 2013

 It all Takes Time
Blue fish
 Fast fired Octopus

 Two can Tango
 The Geko
 Clown Triger fish in black and white
 Clown Trigger Fish in coppers
 Clown Trigger Fish in yellows and oranges
Ancient Vessel


  1. Oh such wonderful works! I have at least a dozen new comments regarding you work on my blog, close to 10,000. page views! (obviously, I'm not posting there no more, but I thought you should know!) The world loves you, so do I! Keep Believing in Art! Miss you sweet teacher! I pray all is well? Wishing you the best! Caroline

  2. I miss you amazing artist, friend and inspiration! love & blessings! caroline

  3. I am still waiting for you to post your new work! Keep me in the loop, I miss you, my new email is Caroline.Denaro@gmail.com