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Saturday, March 3, 2012

...and a few more to add

 These pieces are from my last batch of brown clay. It has been interesting to experiment with the electric firing and see the results. I love raku, but since I can't fire in the winter, I needed to find another way to satisfy my disease, which is the need to create. The brown clay gives it the feeling of a reduced cone 9 firing. I like the warm color of the natural clay. And I also discovered the fluidity that fish have, and believe I have translated that in my pots. Now I must push myself further....and see what else I can discover!

 Below you will notice a stream of fish, all waiting to be decorated for the silent auction fundraiser for the Summer Arts Academy. This fundraiser allows us to offer a series of workshops to high school students from our area. The fundraiser offsets the cost of materials and other expenses so all students can afford to attend.

So, who is behind the Summer Arts Academy?
Lori Gearhart, Kathy Carachilo, Lisa Peet from Wallenpaupack High School
Ellen Silberlicht from Honesdale High School
Kelly Phillips from Forest City School District
Jeff George
Lindsay Barrett George
and David Hamill

It is our vision to make art more available to those students who just don't get enough in their school year. Anyway....how in the world can you go through the entire summer and not be creative? This Academy gives students the opportunity to experience and experiment with something new and different that their class structures can't offer. It is a week long experience of exchanging joy, meeting other creative students from other schools, and having new adventures in self expression.
I don't think it could get much better!

Stay tuned to updates about the auction and the Summer Arts

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