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Ellen Silberlicht
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Summer has ended....some time ago!

This grouping is something totally different than what I have made before....I just wanted to go abstract, and play....and see where it took me. This first piece was inspired by the fiddle ferns. The next one wasn't cooperating, so I cut it off and stretched it thin. It has a very delicate, still in motion feeling for me. The stain changes from a  green to a blue at the bottom.

This piece was created with a Calla Lily in mind. Later I'll post the frog in the Calla Lily. I think it turned into a formal collar with a textured button.

I get a Viking feeling slash Rhino feeling from this pot. I will definitely make more of these....so stay tuned over Christmas break...when I can once again....work in my studio.

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