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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weather clear....raku done!

It was a long, long winter....but I was able to get many pots made....and ready....waiting on my shelves for spring time. I had ordered my new kiln that finally came in early May....but then, the weather wasn't really co-oporating much at all!
Rakuing is an outdoor sport, and this spring didn't give us much sunshine!
Finally......there was a break in the weather, school was finished for the year, and my schedule was also cleared. 
Raku, it was...and what a fine day!
My good friend, David Hamill, assisted me with the rakuing process....and together it was like ballet!
We got a system down and the raku kiln worked great.
A little burnt grass is not too much to sacrifice for such pieces!

Come visit me during the Open Studio Tour
July 29, 30 and 31st
from 10am to 5pm

and you can see these pots in person!

                                                                      Three Frogs

                                                                   Black Lizard

                                                                Black Octopus

                                                                    Bull  Elephant

                                                                      Frog (view 1)

                                                               Frog (view 2)

                                                                  Green Lizard

                                                                     Hermit Crab


                                                                 Penguin Parade

                                                                        Polar Bear


                                                                      Red Lizard


                                                                        Rhino Pot


                                                               Walrus (view 1)

                                                                      Walrus (view 2)

                                                                   Yawning Lion

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