Ellen Silberlicht

Ellen Silberlicht
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving break.....final day!

Long days in the studio but it is all worthwhile. I get my balance back in balance when I do my own work. It's important to take the time whenever I can get a block of time. Looking forward to Xmas vacation.

It's always interesting to see what comes out in clay each time I spend time in my studio. This walrus just appeared...but then it was feeling very empty in the other areas....so I added the walruses. I tried to add a flipper...but I felt it wasn't readable as a flipper.

And then came the seals.....just looking for a place to hang out for a while.

These penguins are a playful bunch....looking for adventure.

And this Iguana just seemed to grow with the pot. He thinks it's his job to guard it!

After the hours in my studio, re-balanced... I'm ready to go back to school...until the next break...hard to believe it's only three weeks!


  1. Oh, how wonderful and exciting your work is!! I just love your stuff!!! Everything. I must have been sending all the emails to another ellen...
    It truly stinks, anyway I rec'd your message from Liz, it is wonderful, I will add another night, Wednesday's for more students, I hope I will get enough students, right now I am up to 6 children on Thursday night. I will send you a little flyer... Thank you and as always... I love your work!!
    Sincerely; Caroline